GI-conf web tool

 GI-conf is a user friendly web tool which allows  full GI-cat configuration using the browser. With GI-conf you can manage the  published interfaces as well as the brokered sources. You can also edit  several other settings such as proxy parameters and  personalize this welcome page.

GI-cat clients

You are free to use any client supporting one of the published interfaces! (see the next section for a comprehensive list of the currently published interfaces)

You can also test this GI-cat instance with the following ESSI-Lab clients:

GI-portal is disabled.
In order to enable it, you must activate the OpenSearch interface using the GI-cat configurator tool.

 GI-go geobrowser is an extended GI-cat client written in Java which allows complex queries and enhanced results presentation

Published interfaces

The following catalog interfaces are available:
    No active interfaces (it may take some time to load a new configuration, try to hit refresh).

Brokered resources

Searches are being performed against the following resources:

    No brokered resources

Server status

Free Heap memory: 2405 MB Total Heap memory: 3817 MB

Free Perm memory: 0 MB Total Perm memory: 0 MB

GI-cat interface

GI-cat features a custom SOAP interface that extends the standard OGC CSW specification and enables the following additional capabilities:

  • Configuration: to dynamically configure this GI-cat instance
  • Feedback: to retrieve feedbacks status information from this GI-cat instance
  • Incremental queries: to obtain incremental query responses from this GI-cat instance

Check the services page to see the list of available services and retrieve the related WSDLs.


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